Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Revit Frustrations

You can have a bit of fun with Revit.  Designing houses.

The drudgery begins when you have to annotate stuff like a roof truss layout.

I have this crazy idea that if I prepare a full set of construction documents, I can use these to get a job. I'm almost put off by my attempts to do this, compared to using plain old Autocad.

Part of the problem is my choice of paper size.  I chose A3, thinking it would be nice and cheap to get photocopied as opposed to as A2.   My set of plans done back in 2005 used A2, consequently text sizes were able to be a lot smaller, and the plans could be at 1:50, not 1:100.

This is the difference:

This first one is the Autocad one done in 2005

This is the Revit one.  Looks very crappy!

I have ended up with the second floor structure horning in on things, because it is made out of wood framing, as is the roof framing!  To get the ground floor framing to appear nicely dotted, proved a bridge too far, as overriding the visibility graphics with a dashed line did not seem to work.

To mark the lintel positions, I resorted to a filled region rectangle. Why does Revit not have a polyline tool?

Then I got into changing the scale of the plan from 1:50 to 1:100, and found my section bubbles disappeared.  Half an hour of internet searching later, I find there is a little button on the view properties called the View Scale, and you have to change this.

Then I see that my Level that I labelled Ground Level Lower decided 1 line was not enough and put it on 2 lines.  Fine, except that the word Ground ended up on top of the number and with seemingly no way of moving any of the items or specifiying only one line, I gave up in disgust.

I can only imagine the frustration levels of some Revit beginners, under pressure to get some plans out the door, and they come across this sort of stuff.  

I thought it might be instructional to download a set of Revit plans for a plain old New Zealand house. You would think there would be hundreds available for download.  Nope. Zip. NADA!

Maybe I am looking in the wrong places?

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