Friday, November 4, 2016

Do's and don't of architectural drafting

For the practice where I am working, here are the do's, in no particular order:
1. All text must be left justified.
2. Any abbreviations used, must be used consistently. Eg Extg. for existing.
3. Leaders, notes, must have room to breathe, ie do not cramp things together too tightly.
4. No "fly dirt". That would be say putting a piece of text on a wall, so it is obscured.
5. A group of leaders with their text shall have the text aligned to a common vertical line.
6. Line types used in the legend shall match those in the drawing.
7. The floor plan shall have a view "wheel" so the elevations can be tied back to the floor plan.
8. With this wheel, the elevation view 1 shall be of the front of the house.
9. The views shall step around the house in an anticlockwise manner, so elevation 2 will be of the right hand side of the house.
10. If you do a print, before giving it to the boss, imagine you are are him and inspect your work, on paper carefully, before presenting it to him.
11. Do not have bricks above a garage door! Easily done when all you are thinking, let's hatch this wall.
12. Related dimension witness lines shall connect with each other.
13. For elevations,  nearer parts shall have heavier lines.
14. Before issuing drawings, a checklist must be completed.

That is all I can think of, as far as "do's" are concerned.

The don'ts are pretty much the reverse of the above.

I have been given permission to do a house in Revit, but I have indicated that before I do, I will need to arrange two items: a new title block for use in Revit, and some windows that have a brick sill.

I'm looking forward to this as drawing house after house in 2D is getting a bit tiresome.

Happy drafting!

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