Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Revit Rendering

Just gone into panic mode, trying desperately to get a good interior render from ANY software.
Preferably one I have paid for!

I did a try using Twinmotion, looking in vain for the right settings to improve the quality and finding none.  It is fast though.  Here is a sample done using Twinmotion:

  After much fluffing around, I have come to this conclusion:

1. Revit does not seem to be good at exterior renders.  This could be me not knowing the right buttons to push, though.

2. Revit is the one to use for interior renders.  Yup, even if you have 3D Studio Max!
Here is the evidence, again, is it that Revit has less buttons to press, so I have less chance of stuffing it up?

This is the Revit one:

This is the 3Dstudio Max one.

In the process of setting up the model, I trolled the net in vain for a "fancy" coffee table as shown in one of the customer's photos.
So I made my own one in Autocad and slung it into Revit.  Oh joy: it works well!
Another 5 minutes to make a bowl in Autocad, then a picture for the wall.  The little mirrored cabinet also modeled in Autocad and materials were applied to it.

Then I thought to download a trial copy of Corel Photopaint, which lasts for 30 days.

Unlike, I found I could leap into a photo of some cushions, cut them out and stick them in the rendered image fairly easily. I had a copy of Photopaint years ago and found things had not changed much.  I do like the 2015 one and if I get more work might buy it.

Then I had a rush of blood to the head (must be Wed morning badminton!), and thought: Have I tried dear old Autocad for a render of the Revit model?

My first thought was to import an FBX model.  This is ok, but no materials showing.  Then an export from Revit to a dwg file.

This was better, but all the material names got renamed to numbers in the process, and were not applied to the right items.

Anyway, hours later I ran out of patience with it. I can see that it might be a possibility if you had enough patience.  A bit weird as some glass came through from Revit. Note: the tiles on the underside of the roof!

Here is the Autocad pic:

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