Wednesday, October 7, 2015

House Competitions and Swimming Pools

Bit busy here in Misty Lakes (we have a cat called Misty and a pond out the back of the section).

In a fit of something I decided to enter an Architectural Competition. The brief (which hopefully will stay up for a while) is at

Drawn in Revit because I like torturing myself.  Made it a round house for the same reason.

Then I had an actual paying job fiddling around with a glass swimming pool railing.  

This I did in Autocad and as a free extra I investigated the idea of doing a rendering of it.
Autocad: looked awful.  3DStudio Max: Could not seem to separate out stuff to get materials to latch onto.  So I made an FBX file of it and whipped it into Revit.  Success! Well, not huge quality, but not too bad. Really pleased with how the pool water actually looked something like it should.

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