Saturday, March 26, 2016

Which is faster? Autocad LT or Revit? The results are in!

This is an identical post to one posted on my Autocad Blog, which is:

 Might make a Reviteer feel a bit better about paying a lot more for Revit compared to Autocad LT.

You would hope this result is a reflection of the prices of Autocad LT and Revit, which is that at the time of writing, Autocad LT is Australian $530/year, and it seems they do not sell Revit by itself, but comes in a Revit Collaboration Suite, which is Australian $3,515/year, which presumably includes full Autocad. This seems to be borne out by the results.

A point worth remembering is that with the building suite, you now have the ability to do 3D renderings, videos and so on, which should result in happier customers.

Here is an example:

The results are:

Autocad LT : 2.5 hours

Revit: 1.5 hours

Proof can be viewed at.

I came across as a bit of a novice user occasionally, so in the hands of an experienced user, you would expect an even quicker time.

Still, drafting is not all about creation of geometry, as I am finding in my job that the focus is not so much on the drawing as on the annotations.  I would prefer Autocad to do 2D annotations, but this could be my lack of familiarity with the Revit detailing options, which do have all sorts of nick nacks, for example to draw insulation, you just pick two points and there it is.

This is the rough output from Revit:

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