Saturday, March 24, 2018

More Video Card fun Not!....maybe slightly stressed....

Well, after getting my GTX1060 home,  I started on my quest to upgrade my power supply on my aging HP Z230.  Hmm. It appears no such animal can be found in NZ!

Further checking on the web site reveals that the requirement for a GTX1060  is 400W not 500W!  On the box it said 500W so ????   Oh joy, I can just slam this baby in and all things will be fine.

But wait, there's more! On checking what is needed it appears it needs a 6 pin extra power supply.

A quick look inside reveals no such plug available.  Eek!

Oh boy. Another trek back to Pbtech and another $200 to belong to the P2000 club, a certified but lesser card than the GTX1060.

Whoopee! Get this baby home and suddenly realise it was the ADAPTOR all along that was the problem.  (Simple, just plug it in and see if it works on the other one).

So a lesson here guys....don't ASSUME as it usually makes an ASS out of you and ME!

Having said all that it seems my logic was not all that bad, I mean, who would have thought a simple adaptor would go bad?

Humble grovelling apologies to Nvidia and all the cards who sail in her.

Enscape, crippled demo, runs nice now.  Bring on the work.

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