Friday, March 23, 2018

Video Card Fun....NOT!

This is an unrequested render done today: (we have a 2D version at work)

Not my design, but interesting in a quirky fashion?  Not being a paid item, I feel free to have things not quite as perfect as they might be!

There I was, Reviting away, when my left hand monitor died.  Turns out, it did not die, just the video card decided it had had it's Display Port connection removed once too many times, apparently.
The first few times it started again if the plug was wiggled.  Then nothing.

This part that follows is written the day after: I am definitely in the red faced department, with sincere apologies to Nvidia.  It appears that it is the adaptor that is the fault.  So see the next post to find out what happened in the end!

This part that follows is the original post:

This might be a good thing, as I was thinking that my old HP Workstation Z230 with a K2000 Quadro card was not able to even run a demo copy of Lumion, and the trial copy of Enscape I had been using was only able to run real time rendering with complexity set on Draft, so a new computer might be the thing to have.

Oops, retiring in 4 weeks, so money seems to be an object after all.  No problem looking on the net and finding out a brand new HP Z440 workstation with a P4000 video card and 32 GB of ram will set you back around NZ$6000.

That is what I would like.

What I might end up with is this:

HP Z440 E5-1620v4 3.5Ghz 16GB RAM 1TB HDD P2000 Tower Workstation with Windows 7 Pro & 10 Pro  for about NZ$3440.

Even that looks out of reach assuming I have no work in 4 weeks time. If I can find work, maybe.
My Catch22 is that I am not skilled enough to produce fantastic quality, so feel I cannot charge enough to make it all worth while!

In the meantime, I thought it would be a good idea to just upgrade my present video card  as a stop gap measure, with the hopes that if I get work. If I do, then a copy of Enscape on a monthly cost of US66 could be the plan.

For replacing my card , I narrowed things down to either a Quadro P2000 for NZ$803, or a GTX1060 for NZ$605. The P2000 was the sensible option, being Autodesk certified.  The other one was cheaper though and VR ready, which is something I might get into so I went Mister cheap and got the GTX1060.

On getting my card home, I looked at the box which said Power Supply needed is 500W.
Surely my workstation would have that? Off comes the cover and it seems it is 400W, and has little wires for Africa coming out of it.  So it looks like having to upgrade my power supply.

Just for fun, I downloaded the latest preview of Enscape, which requested I update my video driver, which I did.  On trying to run Enscape it said "Sorry, your driver is not up to date enough!"

What does Enscape offer that 3Dstudio cannot?  Seems like you do not have to mess around with setting up HDRI skies, and waiting 5 minutes for a low quality render (see the pics above). Not to mention interior scenes seem to be easier to do.  Couple that with easy to produce movies and you could make a valid case for buying it.

Back to dear old Revit to find that if I hit render, I get a black screen. Change the renderer to the Autodesk one and it runs OK.  Into 3DStudio and it runs the Nvidia one fine so who knows?


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